Lave the most popular
coin on the Ton blockchain
The DeFi community needs an example of a decentralized and distributed cryptocurrency with a small starting cost of a coin. Let's speed up the process of teaching people how to use DeFi together!
Mass adoption.
Massive distribution
Every day we work hard to educate people about DEX and make life better for our holders.
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LAVE is an alternative coin in the TON network and has almost all of the benefits of Toncoin. The token was created in order to maximize distribution to active users of the TON network. After distributing the coin to the maximum number of users, we will bring more users to DEX. The coin has liquidity and is already traded on the DEX exchange DeDust.IO and

LAVE timeline

Q4 2022
- Creating bot @laveicobot, test and launch.
- Listing of @xJetSwapBot
- Adding a token to the coin whitelist on
- Listing at
-Finishing the first stage of distribution
Q1 2023
- Creating games, the application in the form of telegram bots using LAVE token.
- Creation of teams of different directions.
- Completion of the second stage of distribution
- Completion of the third stage of distribution
II-III quarter of 2023
-Placement CEX and more...